Monday, August 17, 2009

hot stuff!

It was in the eighty's today in Downeast Maine, but that didn't stop our fearless crew (Claudette, Frank and Julia) from cranking up both ovens and 3 burners, to turn out another stellar meal!
With much donated food and an abundance of ambition, we BBQ'd 40 pounds of chicken, created 3 salads- potato, corn and tossed, veggies and fruit platters (both with dips- one sweet, one savory), and with the addition of bread, cheese, and a few sweets, it was truly a feast!
Our evening staff and clean-up crew this evening consisted of Ron, Valerie and Diane- thanks so much for getting the kitchen back to its original pristine state (and sorry about those baked-on, caked-on, stuck-on pans... ;)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

chef d'jour

Many thanks to our 'guest chef' Diane, who filled in for Julia at our August 3rd meal.
A record number of people were served a delicious meal (fish/corn chowder, I believe), with many 'to-go' orders too!
Thanks also to our dedicated staff of volunteers who gather food, prep, cook, set-up, serve and clean up after our meals. It's a long day, but we always have a good time!
If you would like to volunteer and join in the fun, please email us for more info.