Thursday, October 22, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

October has proven to be a busy month! Too busy to send out my usual EverybodyEats! update- my apologies!

Our meal last Monday was well attended as always- The menu consisted of Curried Carrot and Potato Soup, deviled eggs, bean and pasta salad, green salad, bread pudding and more!

Many thanks to Loaves and Fishes food pantry, Emmaus Center, Finelli's, and St. John/St. Andrew Church for donating the various ingredients that went into creating the meal.
The only purchase was a gallon of milk ($5.19) for the bread pudding. We made enough food to feed our usual 100 'customers', which means the total cost of each serving was a mere $.05!

Did I mention the 'we' consisted of myself, Julia Ventresco- and the amazing Claudette Werner? Yup, that's right- two of us put on a meal for 100 in a few (very) short hours! Due to a couple of our regular volunteers being out of town and one out sick, it was up to us to 'feed the masses'. If you had looked in on us that day you'd have just seen a blur- we were moving that fast. Thanks also to Claudette for her music mix that kept us jumping. Needless to say we were overjoyed to see the second shift volunteers come in that afternoon!

While the fact that we managed to pull off the meal while being so short handed (and live to tell about it!) is wonderful, the truth is we need more volunteers!
Our volunteers help with: food prep, light cooking/salad making, washing dishes, dining room set-up, serving/greeting and clean up. And we have a lot of fun too!
Please contact Marian Wells (667.6206) or Julia Ventresco (667.4472) to get signed up! We are also looking for an experienced cook who would like to be "chef for a day". No quantity cooking skills are required- I'll help you with that. Did I mention that it's fun?